Cathy Gomes and Divya Ramaswamy

Mixing two sides of the world into one brand, Cathy Gomes created 700 Rivers to reflect the combining of two different cultures within her life - Bangladeshi and American. In collaboration with fashion design sophomore Divya Ramaswamy, Gomes is repurposing silk saris - brightly colored, beautifully embroidered fabrics - into chic, cosmopolitan garments.


Heather Nixon

A recent graduate of NC State University’s College of Textiles, Heather Nixon has a long-standing passion to use her designs to make a positive impact. Nixon’s resortwear collection focuses on combating textile waste and environmental pollution through the use of sustainable swimwear fabric made from fishnets and regenerated coverups.


Mariangela Walker

With an emphasis on comfort, versatility, and organics, Mariangela Walker creates iconic tee shirt dresses that you will want to wear again and again. Intent on supporting the local textiles community while creating a new wardrobe staple for women, Walker’s brand is perfect for the active, on-the-go woman who wants to feel comfortable and look stylish.


Rock Kershaw and Debbie Davis

Bringing humor and new meaning to existing fashion, Rock Kershaw decorates and upcycles denim jackets with sass and love. In this collaboration, Kershaw’s eclectic pieces will be paired with creatively upcycled feminine apparel by Debbie Davis of Snazzies by Artwear.


Shannon Tennyson

Creative director and designer of CALZICO, Shannon Tennyson knew there was a gap in the market for tween apparel that provided confidence, quality, and convertibility. Tennyson’s desire for her own daughter to understand the value of choosing well and cultivating a personal identity fueled her desire to launch CALZICO, which also fosters global partnerships with artists to create unique illustrations.


Susan Sharpe

A ‘Cinderella’ story of eight sisters with nothing to wear, Susan Sharpe’s collection invokes the magic of fairy tales and the love of vintage in a line of glamourous, luxurious wearable art pieces. The colors used throughout the collection represent differences in individual personalities and emphasize the way ‘fast fashion’ inhibits this strong expression of individuality and style.


Teresa Perna and Giovanni Perna

A fashion line that is strict in keeping with the slow fashion tenets, MAYD IN CHYNA is a vegan, socially conscious line made from 100% organic pima cotton. Meant to radically redefine what an apparel line can be, Teresa and Giovanni Perna’s collection incorporates the concepts of social equity, economic justice and ecological integrity. Inspired by Sally Fox’s naturally colored cotton, the brand is timeless, classic, and elegant, with just a hint of rebellion.