The annual Redress Fashion Show is a one-of-a-kind event spotlighting the latest in responsibly-produced fashion. It has been featured in such publications / media outlets as IndyWeek, News and Observer, Ecotextile News, My Carolina Today, Oak City Hustle, Walter Magazine, Triangle Downtowner, Cary Magazine, and Ethical Fashion Forum. The show puts emerging designers in front of leaders in the fashion and textiles industry, as well as hundreds of receptive attendees. Designers featured in the fashion show can expect to elevate their brands to the next level. 

The Redress Fashion Show highlights designers with accessible, innovative collections and emphasizes that “green” is in all aspects of life, including fashion. Collections selected for the show have a strong emphasis on responsible design, including recycled, upcycled, or remanufactured pieces; eco-friendly fabrics and/or sustainable production processes (such as no-waste pattern making or natural dyes); and/or a domestic supply chain. This year's show also featured a collaboration with CORDURA® brand fabric that highlighted future innovations in the world of fashion and textiles.