Featured Designers:


Ashley Mason

Currently working at Spoonflower, Ashley Mason has a degree from East Carolina University in Surface Design in Textiles. Her collection focuses on 'Strength + Power'. Using a restricted color palette and mainly fabric remnants with inspiration from the disco / studio 54 era 1970s, her pieces are bold and dramatic, with clean lines highlighting each individual’s personal strength and power.


Piper Honigmann

Piper comes from a background in fashion design - a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and extensive experience in the industry. She spent the last few years living on a sailboat with her daughter and while sailing, she became overwhelmed by the waste and pollution of modern America along the intercoastal waterway. With her collection, she intends to be as sustainable as possible, using organic cotton knits made in North Carolina.


Juliana Fadl

Juliana studied fashion at SCAD and graduated in 2013 from Parsons Paris. Since then she has also taken part in runway shows in Paris, Hawaii, Baltimore, and Raleigh. For this show, she is experimenting with a bridal collection: Desert Sage, for her Moon.Flower.Child brand. The overlapping layers and varying lengths of her dresses mimic rolling sand dunes, the macrame details and thick lace over thin cottons echo the desert foliage. Using hand woven cottons and natural dyes, this collection is comfortable yet chic - calm, peaceful, and natural.

Timothy Cohen

Though you would never guess from his innovative design combinations and fantastic construction skills, Timothy is largely a self-taught designer. For this menswear line, part of his brand Perspectus Clothing, he is incorporating the idea of the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence is the series of numbers where the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. When squares are made with these widths, a spiral that occurs naturally throughout nature is created. Utilizing eco-fabric printed from Spoonflower, each look will feature an example of the sequence found in nature.

Katina Gad

Katina’s passion for social, environmental, and economic justice drive her mission as a designer who creates fair trade apparel. With education from FIDM in Los Angeles as well as the NC State College of Textiles, Katina has extensive experience in the industry and created the brand Unity Outfitters last year. Featuring 100% organic and naturally dyed cotton from a women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala and Cone Denim Eco-Denim fabric, this vibrant, bold collection is inspired by the Mayan women she works with.

Mary Ashlyn Thomas

Mary Ashlyn has been designing and sewing for over a decade. She has noticed a need for more office-appropriate clothing options that can easily work from day to night while planning life around a long commute. Using mainly silk and organic cotton woven fabrics, her abstracted florals and angled style lines imitate what she sees in the landscape on her daily work commute. This collection will be the launch of Broadway Squared, a line that will be thoughtfully designed to flatter many different body types with great fit and durable fabrics.