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March 1, 2019 Edition



#FashRev responds to Report on the Sustainability of the Fashion Industry

Last year, the UK’s Environmental Audit Committee wrote to 16 leading UK fashion retailers asking what they are doing to reduce the environmental and social impact of the clothes and shoes they sell. This is Fashion Revolution’s response to the committee's Interim Report on the Sustainability of the Fashion Industry.


Fashion Revolution’s Power of Influence Series

In part one of their interview series, Fashion Revolution speaks with YouTuber and content creator Arden Rose about how she is using her platform for positive action in the fashion industry.


Sustainability can’t be “owned” and “sold

Textile designer Sanjay Garg shares what sustainability means through the lens of his Rajasthani heritage, and why it can be a dangerous marketing tool.


How can the fashion world respond to sustainability’s challenges and opportunities, in a year when it will finally go mainstream? This is the topic of discussion in the first episode of Stylus’ Future Thinking podcast featuring Emily Gordon-Smith, their director of product, in conversation with journalist and author Tamsin Blanchard.



Frontline Fashion

Binge this YouTube documentary series following emerging designer finalists in the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition.



A Mid-Winter Hat with Echoview Fiber Mill

Unless you have plans to hop a plane or take a long drive to someplace warm, there is still time to dig-in to winter…