As someone whose livelihood depends on the textile work of American factory workers, I value those who are thinking about sustainable fashion. It is not just about the materials, but also the people behind it. At Repat, we depend on a thriving textile industry, and support what Redress is doing to foster a healthy, and sustainable future for the fashion and textile industry
— Nathan Rothstein, co-founder Project Repat

My apparel is apparent but my fashion choices come from within, and reflect my true priorities. To that end, I applaud Redress’ efforts to encourage and promote designers and fashions that prioritize the health of our earth and the rights of its peoples. The more such options we have, the better we can dress … and live.
— Nancy Pardue, Editor of Cary Magazine

Ecofashion has an extremely important role to play in many of the issues facing our world. Every aspect from fiber to fashion involves the potential for a positive impact on human and global environmental health. Redress Raleigh as led by Beth Stewart was an early leader in showing our community how fashion can be both beautiful and good for us all.
— Carrie Reuben, Founder and President of Organicality



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